Minecraft Live 2022 Voting: My thoughts

11 Oct 2022

./cover.jpg Note: I'm NOT AGITATING to vote for a particular mob, I'm just thinking about the topic

Well, unfortunately, we have 3 mobs for last 3 votings:

  • A Phantom that annoys everyone (even developers)
  • A Glowing squid that feels pretty empty (does anyone often use glowing text on signs?)
  • Allay that seems to be okay, but, frankly, I have not seen real usage examples where it was more difficult to implement it before

Now I don't see any real discussions, as it was with the previous elections. There is nothing to choose from, if only all of them were added… Yes, they told that all mobs will be added later, but no one said when it would be later. Also Microsoft directly began to put pressure on developers, pushing such unpleasant things, like chat reports. Let's hope that each of the mobs will be equivalent, and not like it was with the Glowing squid, Flower cow and Glare vs their rivals.

My thoughts about new mobs on voting:

  • Rascal - gives a reward if you can find it 3 times, which is probably will be abused for item or XP farms
  • Sniffer - sniffs some seeds (which ones are not clear), I would vote for him, but I have no trust to Mojang, who will go wrong again probably or something like that
  • Tuff golem - moves items in his hands, we'll see if he will be a walking and cheap copy of Allay or a walking frame, the idea of a craftable mob looks interesting, I think I will vote for him

Let's hope that the update will cover these weak mobs with something interesting and the incidents of recent years.